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    The honest truth

    The honest truth is, I’ve been so off since I gave birth, all the hormones have taken a long time to get back to normal, I took a long time recovering my c-saction and it got inflamed too, so I got a lot of antibiotics.   I did not know until recently that antibiotics slows down or totally shuts down metabolism, for about a year. I got a LOT of antibiotics the first 3 months after birth, and that is the reason I’ve been obese until lately, now I’m only over weight.   I have had a really hard time being this big and not fitting into any clothes and…

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    I’m working on a FREE 8 week weight loss plan

    I’m testing my new weight loss program that is going to be free for all my Juice Plus+ customers in 8 weeks time. It is super exiting, and I feel great and super healthy now we are eating more whole food than we have done for the last 8 months. The truth is I had a difficult birth and hadn’t energy to do anything els than take care of my newborn daughter, I had a difficult time recovering from my c-saction and it has taken several month to be able to just take a long walk. Now I’ve have a lot to lose, due to all the crap we have…

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    Do you get in your own way?

    Lately I’ve been getting in my own way, a lot. The feeling of not being good enough and accepting you can’t change peoples view of you, when they have decided which box to put you in. I am disappointed in some people who is in my life and has been always, because I still get put in the same box as I did 10 years ago. As I said in a recent instagram post, I feel lost and I feel I am a failure as a nutritionist, because I haven’t lost the baby weight, and I feel so deform because of my c-saction scar is made so high my belly…

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    How to prioritize

    (The one who gets the almond in the Christmas rice pudding gets a pressent)     Life is life, a lot of things we can plan or try to prepare for, but a lot is hitting us unexpected, then we need to have our priorities in order.   I’ve in the start of this year felt down, felt like everything has been too overwhelming, first of all it is hard to be a first time mum. Then it is also hard to be a first time dad and finding our new roles in life has created conflicts, in the beginning dads don’t realize how much us mums do, and what our body…

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    Really sad news

    Unfortunately, I’m forced to close the webshop, as I’ve gotten some unforeseen bills for having my webshop open. As I live in the Faroe Islands, I have no other options, to set up the webshop differently. Therefore, I am also forced to close my company. I hope to still have the website open, but time must show.   *I’m still a direct distributor of Juice Plus +, so it will be the only product I’ll continue to sell. Regards Kirstin Rasmussen Admin

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    The 6 food cravings, you need to be aware of before reaching for your healthy New Years resolution!

    Good to know before reaching for the new year resolution, to live healthier or lose weight, if you aren’t aware of these 6 food cravings and why we all have them, it will ruin your resolution and likely your self-esteem too. Article from Food Matters

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    Are you ready to get healthy in 2018?

    I have started to eat healthier the day after Christmas Eve, now when I’m no longer pregnant and my daughter is 4 month old only eating her allergy friendly supplement, I’m able to eat food with more flavor and more dark leafy greens. I’m feeling so good and I haven’t gained a gram over Christmas. I was so lucky to get a high speed blender from my fiancé, and I’m getting a smoothie everyday, for lunch, breakfast is oats and dinner is something healthy, today it was pasta with pasta sauce and mushrooms. Of cause I still get my Juice Plus+ premium supplements daily and they provide me with lots…

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    New Years Resolutions

    I’m so ready to start the new year, and I’ve a lot I want to get done here is some of my goals for 2018. Get Aria (daughter) in a better daily routine especially bedtime (Sleep training). Work hard to be able to work from home, and have a good income by doing so. Internet detox every Sunday. Yoga every day at least 20 minutes. Get time to read the Bible. Walk Aria in the baby carriage at least 5 days a week. Meal plan and Meal prep every week. Get the daily chores done early. Getting Aria in a better routine will make everything easier and will be good for her…