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    Why vegan?

    I wonder why more people isn’t going vegan, all the climate changes, our bad health, our bad farming culture, the rain forests, to save money on groceries, all the chemicals going in to farming, there is properly even more reasons to go vegan. Going vegan is fare from selfish, by going vegan you are a big part in changing our food culture, and that changes the farming culture, and that changes our earth to the better, for our great grandchildren, so they have a healthy earth to grow up on. You will save your family from living on a planet there is about to go under due to us humans…

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    Change is good

    I have changed a lot since launching my website, I have become more mature, I have become a mum, we are in the process of building our dream home, we are creating our dream life. I have become a JP+ Direct Distributer, I have met a lot of like minded people who inspire me to develop into the person I want to become, and that is where I’m right now. Life is too short, to let others opinion of you, effect you. Life is too short for bullshit, I am me and I am unique and that is fucking cool! It can be difficult, living in a small society where…

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    New Years Resolutions for 2019

    1. Get healthy again with the help of Pam Popper The doctors suspect me of having Crohn’s disease, and since giving birth my body have been so off, properly due to antibiotics killing more of my good gut bacteria. Now I’m working with Pam Popper to improve my health so I can get my great life back. 2. Work on my website, social media accounts Be a hole lot more consistence, and having a plan for uploads. 3. Become more minimalistic Declutter more and get better use of our home 4. Get teamies JP+ I really want some awesome teamies to join my team, I have the most amazing job,…

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    How I got my dream life step by step

    My life long dreams:   Get the man of my life older, hot legs, sweet, good humor, loving & a perfect dad Work with what I am passionated about helping people, get healthy in body and mind Believe in the true me I am, stubborn, justice focused, emotional, loving, funny, happy, social, privat, caring, a geek, perfect as I am. Become a better family than the one I grew up in true and loving and full of respect for the individual. Understand and forgive the past to understand the current moment My life has been everything else than normal, and that needed a lot of processing to understand and forgive…

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    Me and my gut illness

    The last days have been filled with pain, since I gave birth and my c-section scar got inflamed and I got a lot of antibiotics, my body hasn’t been the same. As I have spoken about before, my weight has not been able to go down before recently, but it is not the only thing that has been harmed by the massive amount of antibiotics, now when it is finally wearing off, my gut problems have gotten much more severe. I ended at the ER sunday evening, due to bad stomach cramping and monday morning a got a lot of tests done to figure out how bad it is. The…

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    Being excited about every day

    Being excited about every day, being excited about every week and every month, it is a mindset. It is a choice to be connected with people that is positive and people who want to be happy and share their happiness with others. I love my boss mum job, even though I don’t earn a lot yet, I love my co workers that support me and inspire me to do better and be happy. After my second miscarriage, I felt super low, but being around people who inspires me and that support me, have gotten me happy and excited about life, and I have gotten extra work in a kindergarten meeting…

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    Disabled Dee that lived in her bed – Health Story

    Go watch Dee’s amazing health story on my YouTube channel. We had an amazing collaboration and I admire Dee and her strength  I’m so grateful for have met Dee, she is a wonderful woman.   Disabled Dee that lived in her bed

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    Trying for child number two

    We wanted to start trying for child number two, around Arias one year birthday, so they will not be too fare apart age wise. So we did, I got pregnant the first time we tried, and then miscarried in week 5, got pregnant agin the month after and then miscarried in week 4+2, it is so devastating having trouble to get the baby to stay in there.   As I have said before, I feel like my body has been so off by all the antibiotics and other meds I got after I gave birth to Aria, and that is pretty much how I feel at the moment, my body…

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    Gut problems & poop talk with Greta

    I’ve done a collab with a lovely lady named Greta we both love talking about poop and how important it is to have a happy gut. I’d look forward to this collab very much, because we had a great time sharing our stories and how we have gotten our gut health problems under controle.   Poop talk with Greta

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    Making and having a vegan baby

    First we learn as teens that if you have sex without a condom you will get an STD or a baby, if you are unlucky you will get both.   Then when you actually is an adult and want to get pregnant, it will often take a lots of tries, the truth is you have to find your fertility days you only have 2 days a month where you with most certainty will get pregnant. We had to learn this the hard way, my fertility days was 10 days after I got my period which is super early and not the norm, so it took us 6 months to get…