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    How to prioritize

    (The one who gets the almond in the Christmas rice pudding gets a pressent)     Life is life, a lot of things we can plan or try to prepare for, but a lot is hitting us unexpected, then we need to have our priorities in order.   I’ve in the start of this year felt down, felt like everything has been too overwhelming, first of all it is hard to be a first time mum. Then it is also hard to be a first time dad and finding our new roles in life has created conflicts, in the beginning dads don’t realize how much us mums do, and what our body…

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    Really sad news

    Unfortunately, I’m forced to close the webshop, as I’ve gotten some unforeseen bills for having my webshop open. As I live in the Faroe Islands, I have no other options, to set up the webshop differently. Therefore, I am also forced to close my company. I hope to still have the website open, but time must show.   *I’m still a direct distributor of Juice Plus +, so it will be the only product I’ll continue to sell. Regards Kirstin Rasmussen Admin

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    Are you ready to get healthy in 2018?

    I have started to eat healthier the day after Christmas Eve, now when I’m no longer pregnant and my daughter is 4 month old only eating her allergy friendly supplement, I’m able to eat food with more flavor and more dark leafy greens. I’m feeling so good and I haven’t gained a gram over Christmas. I was so lucky to get a high speed blender from my fiancé, and I’m getting a smoothie everyday, for lunch, breakfast is oats and dinner is something healthy, today it was pasta with pasta sauce and mushrooms. Of cause I still get my Juice Plus+ premium supplements daily and they provide me with lots…

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    New Years Resolutions

    I’m so ready to start the new year, and I’ve a lot I want to get done here is some of my goals for 2018. Get Aria (daughter) in a better daily routine especially bedtime (Sleep training). Work hard to be able to work from home, and have a good income by doing so. Internet detox every Sunday. Yoga every day at least 20 minutes. Get time to read the Bible. Walk Aria in the baby carriage at least 5 days a week. Meal plan and Meal prep every week. Get the daily chores done early. Getting Aria in a better routine will make everything easier and will be good for her…

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    Blogmas day 24 – Yoga

    Good morning it is Christmas or at least in Scandinavian it is we celebrate today and eat Christmas dinner and open presents afterwards, and sing carols and spend time with family, so what better day to start with a yoga session to get in balance to this wonderful day, and this year we have our daughters first Christmas and we are thankful to have her with us this year. I started to do yoga when I was 14 weeks pregnant with Aria and I got addicted, yoga makes my day so much better, it is unbelievable. I still do prenatal yoga, I had a hard time recovering after birth, it…

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    Blogmas day 23 – My Christmas Make up

    Disclamer: Non vegan make up, because it lasts me 5-10 years. The make up I used, concealer: Skin fresh concealer from W7 (fair), Foundation, Sheer foundation, smooth lasting finish (sand), Powder: Dior,nude 020, brow: Nilens Jord, Brow auto pen, 216 medium brown, and Gosh Brow kit 001, Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow kit 01 teddy bear from Clenique, Eyeliner: Easy liner, Gina tricot beauty eyes 01 black (not getting sold anymore), Mascara: Lancome, Hypnose black, Blush: Blush pop 01 ginger pop from Clenique, Lips: Matte lip cream, Cherry by H&M. I’m not the person that uses a lot of make up daily, I use an eyeshadow, some mascara, some eyebrow color  and I…

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    Blogmas day 21 – Christmas beer (non-alcoholic & alcoholic)

    Nisseøl (non-alcoholic beer), Juleøl (Christmas beer/alcoholic) It is a tradition in Scandinavia to make Christmas beer, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic so everyone can join in. Here on the Faroe Islands we have two different non-alcoholic Christmas beers, from two different Faroese companies. We one from Okkara and one from   A danish non-alcoholic Christmas beer from Ceres, Royal Unibrew A/S, my favorite, properly because it is the one I’ve grown up tasting in Denmark every Christmas. We also can by the alcoholic Christmas beer from Tuborg (Fun fact: Tuborg beer is owned nowadays by Carlsberg Danmark A/S)   We call the non-alcoholic Christmas beers (nisse øl) it translate to elf beer,…

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    Blogmas day 20 – Pebernødder (Danish Christmas cookies)

    Pebernødder is in the mason jar in the background Recipe is enough for one family. Pebernødder directly translated is pepper nut it doesn’t make sense, because it doesn’t contains pepper or nuts, there is a lot of different recipes on pebernødder but this is my family one and I’ve made it vegan. Recipe: 250g vegan butter 250g sugar 500g flour 1 teaspoon carbamate 1 No Egg (egg) Method: Need everything together and role the dough out in finger sized sticks as long as a cutting board and place them in the fridge for at least 2 hours or over night. Then cut them in 3-4 mm pieces and place them on…