Regions fight against brain cancer and video review

Regino has now finished my 3 month program, he has been so kind to make a video talking about how his experience has been, with his treatment and my meal plans.

Please do add subtitles “cc” when you are watching, because his English is with a Mexican/Danish accent.


Reginos pictures of some of the food he has been eating:  




This is Regino he is 77 years old and had a brain tumor removed, now he is getting chemo therapy and radiation treatment. He has chosen to eat a 100% plant based diet, to reduce the risk of the cancer progressing.

Regino lost a lot of weight, before he got on my program, now he is gaining weight slowly and feeling much better, he only felt sick the first two days of chemo therapy, els he has been fresh and been out walking.

He enjoys his meal plan, and look farward to everyday.