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    How we have lost our full signal, and how we finde our full signal again.

    I see a lot of people wanting to lose weight but they find it had also on a plant based diet. Last weekend i was talking with a mum who had a point on this that I know works and most people don’t know. She let her children eat till they were full and didn’t push them too finish their plate, the reason why she did this was, because when babies are born they know when they are hungry and when they are full. When we teach our children to finsh their plate do we take away their natural feel of then they are full, and then they will learn…

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    How to – Make a noodle pack healthy?

    Especially students are busy and don’t have a large budget. Ingredients: 1 pack noodles (plant based or vegetarian) Frozen peas 3 mushrooms 1 fresh medium tomato Sweet Chili sauce Direction: Put the noodles in a plate, boil some water in a kedel, cut the mushrooms in thin slices, and ad the frozen peas and mushrooms and pur the boiled water over, cover with foil for 5-10 minutes. Then finally chop the tomato. when the noodles are ready, ad some sweet chili sauce and stir, then ad the chopped tomato on top and eat. Enjoy 😀