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    How to save money, being healthy?

    Get the most food for your money, get my best saving tips! Check the offers on groceries, in all stors in your town or near you, make a shopping list on what you need of the things that is on offer and where to buy it. Buy food for at least a week at the time, the more trips to the stors the more things you get you don’t need. Only buy expensive food items for special occasions, like only use plant milk in your tea or coffee, only buy ready meals or take out for special occasions, vegan cheese and so on. (buy more when they are on offer…

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    Watch this man cure his cancer without chemo and radiation

      This man cure state 3 cancer, with fruit and vegetables, he said no to chemo and radiation. Today 8 years later he is 100% cancer free and healthy.   I know there is a cure for cancer, and it is not chemo and radiation, it is plants! I’ve seen so many documentaries and been reading studies made on how we can cure cancer with plant based foods, I’ve seen Regino get better with plants even though he chose to do chemo and radiation, alongside a plant based diet. The medicine industry and doctors, are businesses, businesses that want to make great money, they prescribe so many meds that hurts…

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