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Watch this man cure his cancer without chemo and radiation


This man cure state 3 cancer, with fruit and vegetables, he said no to chemo and radiation. Today 8 years later he is 100% cancer free and healthy.


I know there is a cure for cancer, and it is not chemo and radiation, it is plants! I’ve seen so many documentaries and been reading studies made on how we can cure cancer with plant based foods, I’ve seen Regino get better with plants even though he chose to do chemo and radiation, alongside a plant based diet.

The medicine industry and doctors, are businesses, businesses that want to make great money, they prescribe so many meds that hurts us more than curing us. Chemo and radiation is not healthy, it kills all the bad and good cells, therefore the body can’t get better because all the healthy cells are dead,

Your body can kill cancer cells, if the healthy cells are fed great nutritious foods, like all plant foods.

It is proven cannabis is also helping boost the healthy cells to fighting cancer, cannabis is also a plant and I would recommend supplementing a plant based diet and a type of cannabis that works best for your type of cancer. (If you can get it legally, I know it is not legal in many countries, and I DON’T ADVISE YOU TO BREAK THE LAW!)

I would advise anyone with cancer to find alternatives treatments and others talking about them, to get all your options on the table so you can make a conscious decision, so you can get the best chances curing your cancer, and get back to life.

What ever you chose it is your decision, it is your life, and chemo and radiation can also run along with a well planed plant based diet, as my client Regino chose.

Read the article here and watch the video where he tells his story:


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