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    Life is beautiful, don’t forget it!

    Why do we forget to prioritize ourselves and our health? Why do we forget to prioritize our life quality? And how do we expect to get a good life when we forget to take care of ourselves? Life is beautiful!   Life is going by so fast, we forget to stop and enjoy once in awhile, my last weeks has been passing by so fast, and now it is suddenly Friday again. It has been a great week, but it has flown by, I have been extremely tired, it is hard work being pregnant, and it is amazing growing a human being, it takes a lot of energy.   I’m treating…

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    How to make a 3 course menu to go to a non vegan party

    I can’t wait to eat, I love my menu! The non vegan menu: Starter: Lobster soup Main Course: Lamb with potatoes slices baked in cream Dessert: Risalamande (Danish rice pudding)   My vegan menu: Starter: Vegan Minestrone soup (instant soup, remember boiled water) Main Course: Baked sweet potato, with salad (spinach, radish, spring onion, tomatoes, corn, cucumber and avocado) Dessert: (Overnight) Chia seed pudding, with vanilla, syrup, strawberries and blueberries   The first thing I did was make the overnight chia seed pudding, I made it in a mason jar so it is easy to transport and it looks great too, I topped it with fresh blueberries and strawberries, and put it in…

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    The friday blog post is going up, tomorrow 6 pm timezone London!

    The reason why the friday blog is going up tomorrow is, we are invited to a 50 years birthday party tomorrow, and they don’t serve vegan food, therefor I’ve made a 3 cause menu that match the non vegan menu, and I would love to share pictures and how I prepare a 3 cause menu to go.   I know it is hard being vegan and going to social events where everything is about food, I will with this try to make it easier for you. I’m going to make the food tomorrow and show you what I’ve made, how I bring it.   Have a great weekend. The post…

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    Pregnancy cravings, the vegan edition

    I’m now 25 weeks pregnant and living plant based, not many vegans talk about pregnancy cravings, I have had a lot of cravings. My first craving was bananas, it made my nausea go away, and I was just in love with bananas, I still is but not as much as in the beginning of my pregnancy. I’ve craved carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, rice, apples, blueberries, green beans, rice noodles, dates, oranges, all kind of melons, grapes, asian frozen vegetables, spinach, peanut butter. I just love food, even though some days I don’t have a clue of what I desire to eat. Most pregnancy videos on Youtube, includes non vegan pregnancy cravings…

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    Myth vs. Fact – Nutrition

    Even in vegan facebook groups, the questions is often asked, “How do we avoid getting malnourished on a vegan diet?” The truth is, by eating a vegetarian or vegan/plant based diet, we are getting lots of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, proteins, fibre and carbs. On a standard western diet, you don’t get lots of natural fibres, carbs, vitamins, minerals, proteins, the fact is most of the nutrition you get on a standart western diet, is mostly fats, sugars/carbs, proteins, and vitamins that is hard to absorb in the body and carbs that isn’t in the form of fruits, there for it messes with the blod sugar levels and causes…