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Myth vs. Fact – Nutrition

Even in vegan facebook groups, the questions is often asked, “How do we avoid getting malnourished on a vegan diet?”

The truth is, by eating a vegetarian or vegan/plant based diet, we are getting lots of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, proteins, fibre and carbs.

On a standard western diet, you don’t get lots of natural fibres, carbs, vitamins, minerals, proteins, the fact is most of the nutrition you get on a standart western diet, is mostly fats, sugars/carbs, proteins, and vitamins that is hard to absorb in the body and carbs that isn’t in the form of fruits, there for it messes with the blod sugar levels and causes serious damage, most of the meat and dairy it filled with hormons and antibiotics the animals get to grow bigger faster and antibiotics to not be ill, it still is in the body of the animals people eat and the dairy people consume.

With the animal industry, that have made the food we eat worse by adding all kinds of chemicals and meds to the food and the animals, it is just not healthy, it should not be considered food, because it have no good nutritional values, it is filled with chemicals that make people ill and kill people.

It is proven in several studies that a plant based diet is the healthiest for your bodies, due to the nutrition and health benefits.

Why are our standards so low?

  • Is it really that low quality of food we want to have?
  • Why don’t we care about the quality of our food?
  • Why don’t we care about our body and our life?

We say YES to poor quality of food, we say Yes to chemicals, hormones and antibiotics in our food! Every time we buy or eat meat, dairy, eggs, we pay for chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, we feed it to our kids, it is killing us slowly.


  • I don’t want to say yes to low quality food
  • I don’t want to be ill
  • I don’t want to feed my family and my kids chemicals, hormons and antibiotics
  • I don’t want to be killed slowly!

I want to live a happy life, with great health, and a happy family! 



What do you want?