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A girl I know and love

A couple of Sundays ago, I was talking with a 12 year old girl, I was so shocked at the way she was talking about herself, she didn’t have one single good thing to say about herself. She complained that she was getting fat, she is NOT, she was saying she wasn’t pretty, she said she wasn’t sweet not even when she was a baby. Of cause I told her that wasn’t true, that she was both, pretty, sweet and perfect the way she is.

Truly I felt so sad, she felt this way about herself, because she is one of the sweetest and smartest girls I know, she looks so great and a lot of girls will be jealous of the way she looks, I would have loved to look like her when I was in that age.

Why does a 12 year girl think like this?

Is it bad role models?
Is it bullying?
Is it hanging out with the wrong friends?
Is it the way most grown ups talk about themselves, our kids pick up?

Why does such a gorgeous girl, feel this way about herself?

I think it is a bit of everything, but it is wrong, that she has to feel this way about herself.
It is unhealthy she think this way about herself, and it will lead to, her become an unhealthy teenager or/and maybe also an unhealthy adult.

I’m all about health and I truly love this girl, and I want better for her!
I don’t want anyone to feel this way about themselves!

I’ve have had a lot of self hatred, in my life and it has gotten me down in a big empty hole, with only negative thoughts, life is so much better when we love ourselves, when we accept ourselves.

I love my life, of cause I’ve bad days, it is normal, I love my life because I love and accept myself as I am, no matter if i gain 5 kilos over the Christmas holidays or not.

Life is about loving yourself, then other will see your happiness and then you set a good example for our kids, children needs great role models, to inspire them to become the best version of themselves, to inspire them to being healthy, both physically and mentally.

Real health is balance in your body, mind and life.

Have a great week and love life!

Kind regards
Kirstin Rasmussen
Juice Plus+