Blog post,  Blogmas 2017

Blogmas day 2 – My favorite Vlogmas

I discovered the concept of vlogmas a couple of years ago, and I’m simply addicted to my favorite vlogmas vloggers.

I love the Christmas mood and it brings me joy and inspiration.

It is better than a chocolate advent calendar, the ones I look forward to this year as always is, the Zoella one and the Tanya Burr one, even though they are not vegan they are really good at spreading the Christmas joy through the screen.

It is amazing how they manage to get so great content up everyday and the amount of time they use on editing, it is amazing but it is what I look forward too every year.

I already in the start of November I start watching last years vlogmas to get in Christmas spirit, and get inspired and prepare for Christmas. Already in early november we start to do the Christmas shopping, for decorating and food for Christmas.

Jeann buy a frozen duck when it is still cheap (the closer to Christmas the more expensive Christmas food gets, also it can be hard finding marcipan and melting chocolate too fare into December), and we get all the flour and sugar and other ingredients for all the Christmas cookies and sweets.

I love watching vlogmas while I’m decorating our flat and our tree, and also when I make Christmas food.

Here is links to my favorite ones from last years vlogmas, remember to check out this years vlogmas from Zoella (MoreZoella) and Tanya Burr!

 MoreZoella vlogmas 2016 – Christmas Tree Shopping day 3

Tanya Burr vlogmas 2016 – Christmas House Tour day 4