Blog post,  Blogmas 2017

Blogmas day 7 – The smell of Christmas

Christmas is all about the senses, the lights, the decorations, the smell and the hygge.

We use these as ingredients in our food, we use it for decorations and the smell, let us know it is Christmas.

the six things I’m talking about is, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaves, Geum, orange and pine.


The smell of star anise is my favorite, growing up my favorite hard candy had the taste of star anise. Star anise tastes and smells amazing, a bit like licorice but way sweeter. Star anise is pretty as well, and great to use in decorations.

Cinnamon is of cause on my top list of smells and tastes for Christmas, it is simply not Christmas without the smell og cinnamon. I use cinnamon in smoothies, I use cinnamon in coffees, I use cinnamon in my oats, and of cause I also use cinnamon as a decorative item for Christmas.

Bay leaves have a great smell, and taste, and it is also a great leave to use in decorations or have laying around in the living room to leave a scent.

Geum and oranges goes hand in hand, because the smell they create together is sensational, it leaves the room smelling of Christmas, like a scented candle, if you haven’t tried this you have to try making these geum priced oranges.

Pine is of cause also a scent you have to have in your home, unless you are allergic to it. Pine is great for decorations, it looks so christmassy. We also always keep a bit of pine to burn like frankincense, burned pine also smell like Christmas and gets you in the Christmas hygge mode.