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Blogmas day 15 – Eating healthy in December

It is super important to eat healthy also in December, but most often we doesn’t, often because most of us know our New Years resolution is to get healthy and fit.

Why not start now?

Because then you have more energy to be there for your family, and more energy to make Christmas Eve and morning great for your family.

This is how we have done it, and bonus fact we are losing weight (who loses weight in December?).

We have made a meal plan for all the dinners for the week, most of them can be prepared Sunday, then you have saved a lot of time and dishwashing. Then you only have to prepare a minimum of food, like salads and fruit.

With children or just in a hectic everyday routine healthy food can be something you don’t prioritize, because it takes time to prepare every day, but by making rice, and potatoes and other starches can be prepared and ready to eat in the fridge for all week. I’ve made a big pan potatoes and a big pan rice, I’ve made 3 different rice dishes and 3 different potato dishes and the 7th dish is a pasta dish I’ll make the day we eat it.

Lets take an example, Today(yesterday) our daughter Aria (4 month) have cried all day with a stomachache, no matter what we did she wouldn’t stop, or eat or pee or poop, so we ended at the hospital for several hours waiting to get a doctor to take a look at her and try to get her to eat. She did eat and get better, thanks God!

We first got our dinner at 21.30 this evening, it took me 10 minutes to get ready to eat because I had prepared everything it just needed heating. This dinner would els wise had taken about 1.30 hour to make, and we would properly have ordered fatty fast-food, and a soda to get fed before midnight.

Now we feel good and healthy, even though we are very tried, and with healthy food, that gives us the right nutrition we can do good and be good parents again tomorrow.


Make healthy living easy, so you can do good and be good!

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