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Blogmas day 16 – Christmas in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Pictures taken by: FAROEPHOTO.COM

I love Christmas and I love Christmas in the capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn. The first big event that is happening in Tórshavn, Santa Claus lighting the big Christmas tree in the middle of town, and then all the light decorations in down town gets turned on, and you can feel the Christmas magic.

Santa Claus gets help from the children to light up the big Christmas tree we have been gifted from Iceland, as a tradition. The children has to yell a verse together with Santa Claus to get the tree light turned on, and the excitement and the joy in all those children eyes is all you need to get in the perfect Christmas moos, yourself!


Today the Christmas ship with all the Santas arrive at Vágsbotn at 3 pm, also one of the big events of December especially for children. Don’t ask me why they have lots of Santas in one place, it would never have happened in Denmark, but even though we are in Scandinavia the traditions is mostly similar but with differences like this event, in Denmark Santa Clause arrives with elf’s or as the danish calls it nisser, dressed in red, white and gray/black, but here on the Faroe Islands the traditions is different, but the Christmas magic is all over the children’s  eyes and all that joy will make even Scrooge filled with joy. A December in the capital of the Faroe Islands is true magic and when the Christmas snow falls it just can’t be better!


All the churches also have lots of events, some Christmas concerts others play the nativity play, the Faroe Islands is a Christian country, and Christmas is a time to read the Bible and gather around to remember why we celebrate Christmas, because Jesus was born.

(Also Easter is about Christianity here and not so much about bunnies and eggs, Jesus died for our sins, that we cherish.) 


Like you properly saw on my Christmas tree post, we have a stare on top of our tree and it is a symbol on the star of David, also a Christian tradition and a big part of the Christmas decor in all Scandinavia.


If you want a Christmas filled with magic, joy, Santas, Christianity and maybe snow, you should spend a week in December in the Faroe Islands!

The schedule for Christmas activities in Tórshavn

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