Blog post,  Blogmas 2017

Blogmas day 18 – Christmas cards

It is time to send out Christmas cards if you haven’t already done it, the best at Christmas is getting a Christmas card or letter, that someone has taken time to write or even handwrite and send by traditional post.

I love getting an envelope in the post, it is so special, especially nowadays!

I’ve have written six Christmas cards as I do every year, I got some cards from the store Søstrene Grene, blue ones that looks like a wintery forest of pine trees at night, not too Christmassy, but still winter themed, I’ve handwritten them and they are ready to send, just needing a stamp, I have to get at the postoffice or at the bookstore.

I can’t wait to receive the the Christmas cards and letters and E-mails I get every year, it is so amazing to know that people have thought about you and want to send you something personally, instead of all those Facebook Christmas messages that asked to be forwarded!

I love letters to know what people have been up too all year and what their plan for the new year, we all have social media but it doesn’t feel personal just following along, a Christmas card or letter is something very special and social media will never be able to compete.

I’m all over the social media platforms, I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube, Skype and Zoom, I feel overwhelmed by it all at times, because it feel so unsocial and impersonal, and at times unreal, I think most people get lost in social media and maybe loses themselves a bit, comparing their life with others.

(I work through Instagram, Facebook and zoom and at times Skype. I use Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube for fun and inspiration.)


Here is a bit to think about! 


I might have some interesting New Years resolutions this year, blogpost will be up the 30/12 2017.