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Blogmas day 20 – Pebernødder (Danish Christmas cookies)


Pebernødder is in the mason jar in the background

Recipe is enough for one family.

Pebernødder directly translated is pepper nut it doesn’t make sense, because it doesn’t contains pepper or nuts, there is a lot of different recipes on pebernødder but this is my family one and I’ve made it vegan.


250g vegan butter

250g sugar

500g flour

1 teaspoon carbamate

1 No Egg (egg)


Need everything together and role the dough out in finger sized sticks as long as a cutting board and place them in the fridge for at least 2 hours or over night.

Then cut them in 3-4 mm pieces and place them on a baking sheet and press them gently down with your index finger, bake them in a 175 degrees Celsius oven until they are golden and don’t smell of carbamate, let them cool and transfer them to a tin.

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