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    Blogmas day 21 – Christmas beer (non-alcoholic & alcoholic)

    Fact: Nisseøl (non-alcoholic beer) & Juleøl (Christmas beer/alcoholic) It is a tradition in Scandinavia to make Christmas beer, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic so everyone can join in. Here on the Faroe Islands we have two different non-alcoholic Christmas beers, from two different Faroese companies. We one from Okkara and one from   A danish non-alcoholic Christmas beer from Ceres, Royal Unibrew A/S, my favorite, properly because it is the one I’ve grown up tasting in Denmark every Christmas. We also can by the alcoholic Christmas beer from Tuborg (Fun fact: Tuborg beer is owned nowadays by Carlsberg Danmark A/S)   We call the non-alcoholic Christmas beers (nisse øl) it translate to…

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