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New Years Resolutions


I’m so ready to start the new year, and I’ve a lot I want to get done here is some of my goals for 2018.

  1. Get Aria (daughter) in a better daily routine especially bedtime (Sleep training).
  2. Work hard to be able to work from home, and have a good income by doing so.
  3. Internet detox every Sunday.
  4. Yoga every day at least 20 minutes.
  5. Get time to read the Bible.
  6. Walk Aria in the baby carriage at least 5 days a week.
  7. Meal plan and Meal prep every week.
  8. Get the daily chores done early.

Getting Aria in a better routine will make everything easier and will be good for her too, at the moment she has to learn to fall asleep in her own bed that is beside ours, because she is getting to heavy to walk her to sleep by caring her, a big fail we did as first time parents!

I want to work hard to be able to work from home so, Aria doesn’t have to be raised in institutions like most children, are today, because both parents have to work full-time to get the  mortgage paid down and to get the food on the table.

I’ve have the opportunity to do so, so I better do, or els I’m a complete idiot!

I really needs to be living in the moment and not online, at least on Sundays, I want to go to church, and I want to read the Bible and other books, I want to be present in the moment, not thinking about 100 tings happening online. I’ve the most adorable daughter and the most wonderful man, I need to focus my time on (and a fluffy guinea pig).

Yoga gets my body and mind in balance and make me ready to greet the day with a positive mind and body, ready to run around with my daughter.

I know how great the fresh air is for both me and Aria and she sleeps much better outside in her baby carriage, and the exercise is a bonus.

Meal plan and meal prep. saves a lot of time and makes sure we get healthy food for dinner every day also the days that is hectic, and healthy eating gives us much more energy to do the thing we want to have done. I do take my Juice Plus+ premium supplements every day and it helps so much with my energy, and it ensures I get sun ripe vitamins from freeze-dried fruit, vegetables and berries.

I feel much better when I get the daily chores done when I wake up the first time to feed Aria, I’m most effective at that time a day and it all seems easier and I love the feeling of a tidy home to start the day.