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Are you ready to get healthy in 2018?

I have started to eat healthier the day after Christmas Eve, now when I’m no longer pregnant and my daughter is 4 month old only eating her allergy friendly supplement, I’m able to eat food with more flavor and more dark leafy greens. I’m feeling so good and I haven’t gained a gram over Christmas.

I was so lucky to get a high speed blender from my fiancĂ©, and I’m getting a smoothie everyday, for lunch, breakfast is oats and dinner is something healthy, today it was pasta with pasta sauce and mushrooms.

Of cause I still get my Juice Plus+ premium supplements daily and they provide me with lots of energy and good vitamins and minerals from fruits, berries and vegetables!

I also do 20 minutes of yoga in the morning, every morning.

Some days we also take a long walk in town, when the weather allows it.

We has started to sleep train Aria, the gentle way, and that means she can only fall asleep in her own bed until she learns to fall asleep herself.

So I’m already working on several of my New Year Resolutions.