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How to prioritize


(The one who gets the almond in the Christmas rice pudding gets a pressent)



Life is life, a lot of things we can plan or try to prepare for, but a lot is hitting us unexpected, then we need to have our priorities in order.


I’ve in the start of this year felt down, felt like everything has been too overwhelming, first of all it is hard to be a first time mum. Then it is also hard to be a first time dad and finding our new roles in life has created conflicts, in the beginning dads don’t realize how much us mums do, and what our body does to get our hormone levels back to where they used to be.

Men can become great dads they just need to know what it is like to stay at home all day with a baby, that constantly needs you. I wrote down a list of  what I did all day long, every day from hour to hour, then Jeann noticed how much I acutely do when I’m home all day, and he understood, he needed to take over when he got home from work and in the weekends. Now he does and he is great and now I’ve a break to my days too, to do the cleaning, and washing clothes, and of cause relaxing.


It is also difficult when you don’t have any help from family members to babysit once in awhile, my family lives in Denmark and are more than willing to babysit, but we live on the Faroe Islands and my parents in law are not interested in being grandparents, they don’t want to be a part of their grandchildren lives and watch them growing up, which of cause disappoints us deeply.


We has set our priorities:

1: Our daughter

2: Our little family

3: Being surrounded by positive people

4: Our faith in God

5: Work

6: My family in Denmark (traveling to Denmark)


Maybe some people would question why number 4 isn’t number 1, but if we have to decide if we are going to church on time or let our daughter nap she is napping, then we will pray to God and praise God in a time that fits us or watch church online later. We need to keep together and be in a happy place to be present with God.


The last two month number 1,2 and 3 of our priorities has been out of balance and that has caused a break in my work, it has made me take a break fixing the things that has gone wrong. To be true we have been fighting a lot over the work load at home and being surrounded by a lot of negative energy from other people and in our own life, I’m not saying everyone of the people we have been seeing has been negative but some has.


I’ve have startet going to the gym again, and we have started to eating more healthy again, and we have stopped fighting and we have found balance in our life.