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I’m working on a FREE 8 week weight loss plan

I’m testing my new weight loss program that is going to be free for all my Juice Plus+ customers in 8 weeks time.

It is super exiting, and I feel great and super healthy now we are eating more whole food than we have done for the last 8 months.

The truth is I had a difficult birth and hadn’t energy to do anything els than take care of my newborn daughter, I had a difficult time recovering from my c-saction and it has taken several month to be able to just take a long walk. Now I’ve have a lot to lose, due to all the crap we have been eating the last 8 months.

As you can read on the 2 pictures from my Insta Story has my weight been around 71 kilos since birth (breastfeeding does not mean weight loss, only for the lucky once), ┬ánow I’m finally under 70 kilos and I would like to get back on 50 kilos again, I can’t lose 22.2 kilos in 8 weeks, but I can get started.


I’ve taken this opportunity to document my weight loss journey and my food, to make it available for my customers to follow along too.


I can’t wait to share the final document, in 8 weeks time.

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