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The honest truth

The honest truth is, I’ve been so off since I gave birth, all the hormones have taken a long time to get back to normal, I took a long time recovering my c-saction and it got inflamed too, so I got a lot of antibiotics.


I did not know until recently that antibiotics slows down or totally shuts down metabolism, for about a year. I got a LOT of antibiotics the first 3 months after birth, and that is the reason I’ve been obese until lately, now I’m only over weight.


I have had a really hard time being this big and not fitting into any clothes and not feeling pretty.

I don’t/didn’t think I was a good nutritionist due to the way I have looked the last 9 months, I feel it has hurt my image, it has made my work efforts plummet, because my self-worth plummeted too.


Finally I’m getting back on track and I’m starting to lose weight, and my self-worth is rising slowly but surly.

We has been fighting so much the last 9 months, about everything, finding the roles as parents and how that change the way we are partners.


Now everything is falling into place and everything feels better and I look forward to putting work into my website and my business again. I’m also considering starting a youtube channel up to share food, life, health, lifestyle, Nordic living.

I will start in August to get everything into a schedule and routine, to be frank it has been hard just get one picture uploaded to instagram a day.