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How is it going with my New Years resolutions?

The last 6 months has just passed by so fast I don’t know where they have gone!

Here is a overview of my New Year resolutions for 2018.

  1. Get Aria (daughter) in a better daily routine especially bedtime (Sleep training).
  2. Work hard to be able to work from home, and have a good income by doing so.
  3. Internet detox every Sunday.
  4. Yoga every day at least 20 minutes.
  5. Get time to read the Bible.
  6. Walk Aria in the baby carriage at least 5 days a week.
  7. Meal plan and Meal prep every week.
  8. Get the daily chores done early.

Now to how it is going!

Number 1 is done, Aria is in a great bedtime routine and it has changed our lives as parents, we have some time together in the evenings and it has been so good for our relationship to have some grown up time.


Number 2, is not done and in a recently blogpost I explains why, I’ve chosen to enjoy the rest of my maternity leave without stressing about work. Link to recent blog post 


Number 3, internet detox, Yes I’ve cut down on my use of Social Media use, I have deleted the facebook app from my phone, because I find facebook to be the most negative and destructive social platform, at the moment and the one app you will drown in. I also use the app later to schedule my instagram posts so I don’t have to use so much time uploading pictures and writing captures to the pictures, I can do it in one day for the hole month. The app that brings me most joy is youtube due to all the inspirational and informative videos you can find on youtube. I’ve offline sunday!


Number 4, I’ve have certainly got more exercise in to my schedule, but I would like to get back into a set routine again, the last 3 months Aria has gotten 6 teeth and has had 2 colds, so she has been more needy than usually.


Number 5, I’ve started to listen to the audio book of K.J. Bible due to the fact I’ve too little time in a day at the moment, so audio book is the best option for multitasking. So yes I read the Bible.


Number 6, I’ve been out walking more now the weather is so much better, summer is here.


Number 7, not done, but we have been eating much better the last 2 months, so happy about it so fare.


Number 8, I’m not in a routine yet, I’v been so stressed lately, and with no energy at all, so it is actually the hardest thing to get done on the list.


Conclusion: So I’ve done half of most of the goals, and added together I’ve done pretty well. I’m actually surprised how well I’ve done, and it is motivating me, to do better and reach all my goals in 2018!

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