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What I eat to get energy, when I have a bad day

I’ve had a lot of bad days lately, to be honest I feel like shit and not good enough, as a mum and as a fiancé, due to my extreme fatigue, and other personal problems.

Today I got diagnosed with depression again, and my anxiety attacks has come back too.


The first thing I need in the morning is a smoothie, with 3 bananas and berries, to get hydrated and get enough carbohydrates to get me started.

Then the brain fog disappears for some hours, then around 11.00 a.m. I get hungry again and need another 3 banana smoothie with greens.

2.00 p.m. I will properly feel a bit dizzy and if I haven’t had a nap with Aria(10 month), then I take a shot of Juice Plus+ Complete Booster Buy it in my shop.

We most often eat dinner around 5.00 p.m. where I also have a high carb low fat dinner, based on rice, potatoes, rice noodles or pasta with lots of veggies, every fortnight I make some kind of veggie soup.

Later in the evening we eat fruit or some rice cakes with jam.

That is pretty much how my last months has looked like everyday, and if I didn’t ate that many carbohydrates I would be even more depressed and fatigued.

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