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Why do I love smoothies that much?

I LOVE smoothies, and why is that?

I fell in love with smoothies at one of the darkest times of my life, I was recovering from an eating disorder. At that point I was afraid of eating, afraid if I did eat it would turn into a binge, the only thing that I could get down and feel comfortable with was smoothies, smoothies gave me the strange to get my life back on track. Smoothies gave me the power to nourish my body as I was suppose to, smoothies gave me energy to face my inner demons.

That is why I’m so grateful for the power of a smoothie.


Since then I need at least one smoothie a day to get everything going, bowl movements, energy levels, my day as a mum, my day as a fiancé.

I’m high on smoothies, I need to get my fix, my smoothies keep me healthy and my smoothies is my game changer, my smoothies is one of the biggest reasons I have come so fare in life of cause together with my belief in God, I believe God created plants on this earth to keep us healthy, to heal us from our illness, caused by our over consumption of animal foods and the chemicals that are used in farming.


The power of food is great, it is a life changer, it is a lifeline, it is life itself.


I love food, I’ve always loved food, I’ve been miseducated about food, I’ve gained knowledge of food, I’ve fallen madly in love with food due to its powers to heal, create life, create possibilities, fallen in love whit the flavors like never before.


One thing I don’t compromise is food, I choose food that is amazing, I choose food that make my life better.