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14 days offline, what did I do?

I have been living in the moment, not worrying about the next couples of days ahead, I have been playing more with my daughter and we have been out walking the stroller much more than usually.

The most important thing I have learned is to be in the moment, not looking at my phone all the time, just to check how many likes I have gotten on my social media, not having to watch all the newest videos of the youtubers I follows, at the moment they get published.

I have spend a lot of time trying to get out of my depression, and I have really made a lot of progress, I have figured out why I have become depressed and what I can do about it, and how I can change my way of thinking about things that trigger my stress levels.

I love my life, I love my family, I love Scandinavia, I love Faroese nature, I love the clean tap water, I love our new house, I love so much, but I’m still able to get depressed when I’m under pressure for too long.

The last year has put a lot of pressure on us, the role of being parents, and trying to get our new house a reality, and economically, we have all changed a lot and have had to try to find balance in it all, it has not been easy. I’m great full for everything, I’ve become a different woman and Jeann has become a different man, we are developing together and my 14 days offline has made us talk more, and use our time differently.


I don’t have to have my dream job right away, to be able to support my family, I can have any job that fits our life as a family, I can do what I love in my spear time, my nutrition, my recipes, my food, my preferred social media accounts, my website.


Life is too short to wait for your dream job to appear, get a job that fits your life, and get a good income to support your family and your dreams.

I want to do, so many things with my life and our life, I want to create a vision board with all my dreams on. I want to make all mine and our dreams come true.