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Me And Minimalism

I first got introduced to minimalism on youtube, I’m following the Swede Jenny Mustard she is Scandinavian, vegan and minimalist.

Then I found the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (KonMari) and that book really changed my view on what I really need to own and what I don’t need to buy.


Since my father died in December 2010, I’ve hold on too a lot of stuff, well I was trying to hold on to him, but he will always be in my heart, and I have chosen to only keep a few things of his, that really means something to me.

I’ve have really been holding on to way too much stuff and clothes I don’t even like or wear, since I’ve been up and down in weight all my life due to my past with an eating disorder, I’ve hold on to much clothes and bought much fast fashion, because of my changing in sizes every 2 month.

I don’t need clothes I don’t love, I don’t need things I don’t love, I don’t need a 12 plates in every size and I don’t need 12 cups and I don’t need wine glasses for 12 people, I don’t need decorations that clutter my windowsills, and needs to be dusted every week, I don’t need make up, I only use once a year.


I’ve still way too much stuff, even though I have been through the KonMari methode twice already, I have just begone round 3, it is difficult when you live together with a non minimalist that have a sentimental connection with 90% of his things.

Being parents is also bringing a lot of things into the house, it is amazing how much clothes a baby gets though the first year, and we have only had the perfect amount of every size, but still all the clothes I have put down in the basement for the next child to have in case the next baby is a girl too. Aria has gone through european size 56 too 92, this is only clothes, then there is all the baby stuff and toys. We only have a basket of toys and a little box of Lego Duplos, we have friends that has 4 times as much to just one child, so that way we are already minimalistic, we don’t allow toys with batteries, because we believe it is too noisy and will overstimulate our child, the Cloud B turtle is the only exception, the turtle has really been great to learn Aria to fall asleep in her own crib.


KonMari round 3, has just begone and I’m going to recode the basement clear out on my youtube channel, The Faroese Vegan.

I can’t wait to get going next week when Aria has started daycare, I’m so ready for our basement to be cleared out, this week I focus on getting Arias room done so she can move into it when she have turned one the 18th of August 2018.


It is so important to be healthy to only surround yourself with things you love and really need, it will make you more relaxed and more aware of the moment you are in. It is so important to have all your mess sorted and cleaned, it will lead to a sorted and clear mind, it means more time to use on what is really important for you.


For me I get more time to work on my career goals and my family, my hobbies and cooking, and doing things that makes me happy makes my life so much easier and fun.