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Making and having a vegan baby

First we learn as teens that if you have sex without a condom you will get an STD or a baby, if you are unlucky you will get both.


Then when you actually is an adult and want to get pregnant, it will often take a lots of tries, the truth is you have to find your fertility days you only have 2 days a month where you with most certainty will get pregnant.

We had to learn this the hard way, my fertility days was 10 days after I got my period which is super early and not the norm, so it took us 6 months to get pregnant.


So when I got pregnant I was craving bananas like crazy, I was eating super healthy vegan foods, and I loved the feeling of caring my child, I can’t wait to be pregnant again.


The birth was traumatic for us all, I only got to 5 centimeters, you have to get to 10 centimeters to give birth. My water broke at 6.10 in the morning, and I had contractions from 6.20 to 4.00 the next night, then I finally got an emergency c-saction, it was amazing all the pain disappeared, I had my daughter with in 36 minutes, my body got rested.


To hear my daughters first cry, it was a gift from God, I knew then my life has changed forever and that life would be even better.


The first year of parenting and learning to know each other as parents, was raw it was though, we also in the process of building our new home, and sometimes everything just got too much and we did FIGHT, it has made us stronger as a couple.


Now we have a 1 year old, eating vegan food, growing perfectly, having the time of her life in daycare 5 days a week, playing with all her friends, I’m so proud of her and what we have created.


Life is good and I can’t wait to see what is happening next ūüôā