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Trying for child number two

We wanted to start trying for child number two, around Arias one year birthday, so they will not be too fare apart age wise. So we did, I got pregnant the first time we tried, and then miscarried in week 5, got pregnant agin the month after and then miscarried in week 4+2, it is so devastating having trouble to get the baby to stay in there.


As I have said before, I feel like my body has been so off by all the antibiotics and other meds I got after I gave birth to Aria, and that is pretty much how I feel at the moment, my body is not as it should be, I’m still heavy, my body is so out of balance.

I eat mostly healthy, I just feel I need to eat even healthier to get back in balance, that is why we have decided that put the baby making on a hold until new year, to lose some weight and most importantly get my body in balance.


So I went ahead and ordered me some Juice Plus+ Complete Powders in vanilla and cacao flavour, to maximize my vegan nutrition intake with the nutrition support form the Complete Powders.

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