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Being excited about every day

Being excited about every day, being excited about every week and every month, it is a mindset.

It is a choice to be connected with people that is positive and people who want to be happy and share their happiness with others.

I love my boss mum job, even though I don’t earn a lot yet, I love my co workers that support me and inspire me to do better and be happy.

After my second miscarriage, I felt super low, but being around people who inspires me and that support me, have gotten me happy and excited about life, and I have gotten extra work in a kindergarten meeting some local people that also is inspiring and happy.

Today I’m meeting another vegan lady, that is Faroese but live in Denmark, and is an YouTuber. She seems super sweet and I think we have a lot in common.

I’m also about to start working out again with a coach, that also inspires me.

Getting a good amount of money back, due to paying too much taxes this year.

Everything just seems to fall into place.

To be happy the most important thing, is not to waste time with people that are negative and pulls you down to their level.


It is actually not that difficult to be happy, you just have to get out of your negative mind and start doing the things you dream of.