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Me and my gut illness

The last days have been filled with pain, since I gave birth and my c-section scar got inflamed and I got a lot of antibiotics, my body hasn’t been the same.

As I have spoken about before, my weight has not been able to go down before recently, but it is not the only thing that has been harmed by the massive amount of antibiotics, now when it is finally wearing off, my gut problems have gotten much more severe.

I ended at the ER sunday evening, due to bad stomach cramping and monday morning a got a lot of tests done to figure out how bad it is.

The antibiotics have ¬†properly killed a lot om my good gut bacteria and due to my gut history I haven’t had many good gut bacteria to begin with.

It is Tuesday and it has been a long time since I’ve felt such fatigue, my head is foggy, I loose concentration, I have spend all day on the sofa, I need to do laundry and take a shower, it just seems so energy consuming. To people that haven’t felt fatigue, it seems like I’m just super lazy, but it is not laziness it is something much more serious.

As I’m writing this blogpost I have to take several breaks just to concentrate, just to relax my head.

Gut illnesses are serious and it does not only effects you gut, it effects all your body.


Yesterday I got a lot of testing done, and I can’t wait for the results.


Hope they are able to figure out what has changed and what is wrong, so I can find a way to treat it plant based.