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How I got my dream life step by step

My life long dreams:


  1. Get the man of my life
    1. older, hot legs, sweet, good humor, loving & a perfect dad
  2. Work with what I am passionated about
    1. helping people, get healthy in body and mind
  3. Believe in the true me
    1. I am, stubborn, justice focused, emotional, loving, funny, happy, social, privat, caring, a geek, perfect as I am.
  4. Become a better family than the one I grew up in
    1. true and loving and full of respect for the individual.
  5. Understand and forgive the past to understand the current moment
    1. My life has been everything else than normal, and that needed a lot of processing to understand and forgive to understand why and where I am today.
  6. Buy my/our own house.
    1. Having a safe and calm home for my family.
  7. Get healthy in body and mind
    1. gut illness, eating disorders, depression, selfharm, anxiety, low self-esteem.

1. Somehow I always thought that the right man would solve all my struggles in life, that turned out not to be true. To be able to find your dream man you must love yourself first and have delt with your past, to be ready for the perfect man.

I found my man, when I had recovered from my eating disorders and my mental issues, and delt with my past and understood my past, and gotten my gut illness under control.

My man is 15 years older than me, he have the hottest legs in the world, he is the sweetest thing, he is funny just the way I like it, he is so loving and the most perfect dad.

2. I am super passionated about helping people get the life they deserve, healthy and happy. That is why I am a certified nutritionist that is focused on vegan nutrition, and work with Juice Plus+ to reach even more people with vegan nutrition. The best thing about working with helping people is the respect for other people and the world in general. I love my Juice Plus+ friends, they are so positive and happy, focused on helping others be happy and healthy. Since I got my dream life, that I never thought that was possible, I have been obsessed with how I can inspire and help others to take charge of their own health and get their dream life, because I know it is possible for every person out there. The only thing it takes is a great effort and preferable a vegan lifestyle, but it is possible for everyone.

3. I have always hated my thoughts and myself, never feeling good enough, or normal enough. I am, stubborn, justice focused, emotional, loving, funny, happy, social, privat, caring, a geek, perfect as I am. It took me a long time to feel perfect as I am, due to my fare from normal childhood and my undiagnosed illnesses.

I was told way to often by my foster mum, that I looked and acted as my mental ill biological mum, that I was lazy (chronic fatigue, due to gut illness), I was told to be more normal several times a day.

I was really hugged and told I was loved, I was just brought lots of fancy things because my foster family was rich, I have always been neglected in love, from my biological mum (because she wasn’t able to give love), by my foster family that thought love was equal fancy things. I was neglected by the system. My biological dad was the loving parent, that I wasn’t allowed to see from 2 month to 9 years old, he had MS and when I was 9 years old he was in a wheelchair and couldn’t talk. The love and knowledge my dad could have given me in those 9 years was taken from me, and the person I are most alike is my dad, the way I think the way I act, the way I am addicted to a good hug, the way I want to help others.

4. We are a better family than the foster family I grew up in, we are loving and caring and respectful of each other, we are all the things my foster family are not and so much more, and I’m so proud!

5. As told above my life has been fare from normal, I’ve accepted it was not the childhood I would have liked to have, but my past has also made me the strong woman I am today, and that no one can take from me. I know who I am and I am proud of what I’ve become. It took me a lot of work with a psychologist to understand my thoughts and find my core

6. We just got our architect drawings approved, so now we can start building our new home!

7. I got my one of my eating disorders diagnosed and then my gut illness got diagnosed, the main reason to my 13 years with several eating disorders, was my IBS I was born with. My other mental problems came along with the lack of vitamins and minerals from real food and as a side effect of my many years with my eating disorders. My chronic fatigue was caused by my IBS too.

Since I did go vegan everything changed and everything got better so fast, in the matter of weeks my life was dramatically different and healthy, all my side effects of my eating disorders and my IBS disappeared with in 6 months after going vegan and my eating disorders also disappeared because without any IBS symptoms I didn’t need an eating disorder to deal with the pain IBS cause.

I recovered all my mental health problems, 13 years with eating disorders, my IBS symptoms, my chronic fatigue all disappeared within 6 month, that is the power of plants, and that is how I got my dream life!


That is how I saved my life and got everything I ever dreamt about, I took matters in my own hands and I made it happen.


I want to support and help others that want to do the same, and with my education I am able too.


I believe everyone can get their dream life if they really want, and I think everyone deserves it, because it is awesome!