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New Years Resolutions for 2019

1. Get healthy again with the help of Pam Popper

  • The doctors suspect me of having Crohn’s disease, and since giving birth my body have been so off, properly due to antibiotics killing more of my good gut bacteria. Now I’m working with Pam Popper to improve my health so I can get my great life back.

2. Work on my website, social media accounts

  • Be a hole lot more consistence, and having a plan for uploads.

3. Become more minimalistic

  • Declutter more and get better use of our home

4. Get teamies JP+

  • I really want some awesome teamies to join my team, I have the most amazing job, and I would like everyone else to have an awesome job that they enjoy and co-workers that is so supportive.

5. Be able to Work from home part time

  • Really work on my online job and inspire people to be the best them.
  • Sharing my health stories and others
  • inspiring people to get their dream life.
    • ask what others dream life looks like and how they get it.

6. Use less time Infront of TV

  • I don’t want to waste time on watching tv that doesn’t inspire me or give me more knowledge or give me a great feeling.

7. Get in better shape

  • I want to get more consistent with exercise.

8. Get my book done

  • I have written a book about my health and my life in fostercare, and how I got my dream life.
    • I have just sent it to get edited first time.

9. Get a second job

  • I am going to send in a job application today.

10. Read more books

  • I have a long reading list, at the moment I don’t remember a thing because of my gut issues, but I will get better in 2019 and then I will plan time to read.



This is my goals, for 2019, several of them I’m already working on, and I feel ready to kick some ass in 2019, I am becoming an other woman, I am maturing and I am developing, I am getting smarter and that is so exciting!


Are you ready to kick ass in 2019?