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Change is good

I have changed a lot since launching my website, I have become more mature, I have become a mum, we are in the process of building our dream home, we are creating our dream life.

I have become a JP+ Direct Distributer, I have met a lot of like minded people who inspire me to develop into the person I want to become, and that is where I’m right now.

Life is too short, to let others opinion of you, effect you. Life is too short for bullshit, I am me and I am unique and that is fucking cool!

It can be difficult, living in a small society where people is gennerally really negative and complain a lot without taking action and do something about it.

I am a person that takes action, and speak my mind, sure everyone doesn’t agree with me, but that is life, and that does not make me any less.

It took me a long time to find myself and develop to the person I’m today, but I believe in everything has a meaning and there is good in everyone and everything.

To focus on the positive, to believe everything is possible even in the darkest siturations, is what make me strong and keeps me going.

I know everything is possible, it is all about taking action and don’t caring about others judgment of what you do and what you do.

That is how I have gotten my dream life, it is not perfect and I want to be better and do better, but I have the life I have dreamt about since I was a little girl.

Change is good, it develops you, and pushes you out of your comfort zone and that is good.

The new year aspires to changes, inspire you to change for the better and that is so amazing, but remember to write down how you are going to reach your goals, as I have showed in my New Years resolutions post

That is my thoughts before going into the new year, I wish you an amazing New Year and hope that all your dreams come true and you reach all your goals in 2019 and embrace change.