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Why vegan?

I wonder why more people isn’t going vegan, all the climate changes, our bad health, our bad farming culture, the rain forests, to save money on groceries, all the chemicals going in to farming, there is properly even more reasons to go vegan.

Going vegan is fare from selfish, by going vegan you are a big part in changing our food culture, and that changes the farming culture, and that changes our earth to the better, for our great grandchildren, so they have a healthy earth to grow up on.

You will save your family from living on a planet there is about to go under due to us humans that has destroyed Gods creation, by unwillingness to change even when all the facts is right in front of our faces.

So selfish and ignorant!

I don’t understands why, people don’t believe in the facts, when we each year feel great changes in our climate, WE AS HUMANS NEEDS TO TAKE ACTION TO SAVE THE WORLD FOR OUR FAMILIES IN THE FUTURE, AND IT HAS TO HAPPEN NOW!

This topic have really filled a lot in my mind lately when I see the climate changes everyday and just over the last 4 years the climate has changed, and people don’t thing they have a chance saving the earth, one person changing to a vegan lifestyle will change a lot.

Being vegan for just 1 year, saves 365 animals, 1.000 sq meter forest, 3.320 kg of CO2, 6.602 kg of grains.

This is the change 1 person can make in 1 year being vegan, that is amazing how much you can change as a single person, by just eating vegan.

There is no arguments for not going vegan, it is healthy for every body and everybody should do it.

I know a vegan lifestyle saved my life and my daughter is doing amazing by growing up vegan, and my fiancé is 98% vegan. (He just announced yesterday that it is too expensive to eat meat, so he want to limit his animal consumption even more)

So I know it is all worth it, what is your excuse? or hopefully what your reason for being vegan?