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How to reach your dreams

I am pretty much living my dream life, and I have worked super hard to get where I am today.

My lowest point in my life was in November 2013, where I knew if I didn’t take action I wouldn’t be able to continue to live.

So I changed my life around, I went vegan over night, 1,5 week later I felt better than I had done all my life, I wasn’t completely recovered from all my disorders but the difference was massive, and I started to get more and more knowledge about my health and my diseases, and my difficult life.

I did a lot of work on my self and the way I was thinking, every day I worked on myself and my knowledge.

I failed some days, I had bad days, but gennerally I was much better, and I got my dream life with in the next year.

I was committed to change my life and myself, so I could get my dream life.

What is important for reaching your dreams, is to be committed and know why you feel that commitment.

Consistency is key, if you aren’t consistent you will never get there, you have to do the work every day, if you don’t you will fail.

So how to be consistent?

Plan your days, make time for working on what you want minimum 3 hours a day.

Make it easy for yourself on days when you are a bit off, by making a list every month with ideas for what to say/send/do.

Every month I make a list of intro messenges I can copy and past and fit to each person, to make it easy for me to connect with lot of awesome people.

That ensures I connect with 100 new people every week, creating conversations and sharing health and happiness. Even on the days I feel bad or when my daughter Aria has a day at home.

Planing, making at least 3 hours a day for your dream, monthly preparation, to make it easy for you.

I try to wake up at 5 a.m. and work to 7 a.m. then Aria and Jeann wakes up and I am ready to be pressent in the moment with my family.

Then I only have 1-2 hours work to do later in the day, that is nothing, to be honest I love doing what I do and I spend more than 3 hours most days, because I can’t stop.

My dream is what drives me to work hard and enjoy it at the same time.

A start up business is difficult, because I needed much more education in marketing than I got at Business College! Because everything has changed since 2013 when I graduate Business College, so I have taken several courses in sales, marketing and business, to be up to date.

To get your dream life you to learn something new every day, as long as you live.