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Dream life is not always perfect

I live 95% of my dream life, but life is not always perfect, and that is so important to know.

Lately has been quit a struggle in 3 areas of my life, my health has been declining that means I’m in pain everyday, my body is not absorbing nutrition as it is suppose to, and that is why I have no energy and I am in pain everyday.

My career is suffering due to my bad health, and I’m not doing the work I should be doing, and I can’t do my extra job without being in a lot of pains for days after. I want to do so much more than I am able to at the moment and I feel so sad about it and I feel limited, I want to do so much better, as I do when my illness is in remission.

I don’t have the energy, to be the mum I am, when I am in in remission. Some days I am afraid to lift my daughter due to all my joint pains, I feel so weak.

I’m financially broke, I have been financially broke before, I know it is not going to be like that forever.

Sometimes living your dream life, entails going through shit to get stronger and smarter out on the other side.

A quote my cousin posted on instagram years ago sounded like this; “God gives his biggest battles, to his strongest warriors ” I believe that is true because that is the only explanation for my life being so damn difficult most of the time, even though I have accomplished so much that I never thought possible.