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Getting back in balance

Balance is difficult to keep and balance in life is hard to obtain, balance it interrupted by bad food, challenges, illness and worst of fear.

I have lived a lot of my life in fear, due to illness, wrong food, challenges, fear creeps in, in all small openings.

It is hard to let go off, when I last time stoped fearing everything, I got a fulfilled life, my dreams came truth, my dream life started.

When I prayed to God asking him to help me get in balance, promised I would treat my body with all the plants he have created for us, I promised to live life to the fullest, stop caring about what others think of me and my decisions.

That happened within a few weeks, I made a promise, I decided and that gave me the balance I needed in life.

Faith is a touchy subject these days, I want everyone to remember we are not allowed to judge each other, only God is allowed to judge us, therefor I never judges others, I tell my truth, I give my advice, but I do not judge you for not following my advice, or anyone else’s advices.

I share my story, and my knowledge, so those of you that follow my advice can develop and find your way.

My life was changed when I found balance through God, the plants God made for us to eat, I got balance through faith.

God saved my life, God gave me my dream life, I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.

That I have forgotten lately since my illness have gotten worse do to man made chemicals called antibiotics, that I unfortunately was to inflamed to say no to.

Man made chemicals got me out of balance and God have gotten me in to balance again, I am not well, but I am no longer in fear, my body can relax enough to get me better.

Yesterday (Easter Day) I asked God to take may fear away and he did.