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Simplifying Everything

Everything is simple, I just realized that Easter Sunday.

In school, college, university we learn to talk overly smart and learn the smarter you talk the more clever will people think you are, but the fact is most play smart and clever to hide, what they are unsure of.

It is in every part of our life we play smarter than we actually are, we overcomplicate everything, we do it to ourselves and the people we meet.

Food has been marketed in a way, that every fad diet sounds super smart and clever, but it really isn’t, food have been pulled apart so now we worry about proteins, calcium, iron, magnesium, carbs, fat, we don’t think about the symphony all the components in food play. Whole plant based foods is the most simple solution to health there is, but people don’t believe it can be this simple!

People say you need meat and dairy in your diet to get enough, protein, calcium and iron ect. but that is a lie, all plants contain protein, calcium and iron ect. it is just a more organic symphony of nutritions that play the right melody for your body to absorb your nutrients the best way possible.

You know different music gives you different moods, I play Avril Lavigne when I need to get up and feel more powerfull, but gospel can do the same for me, but gospel also relaxes me in a different way than Avril Lavigne does, but I feel the same amount of powerful.

The gut needs to feel happy, powerful and relaxed to do its work properly, and that is why we need to fuel our body with food that gives us a perfect symphony, so you will be powerful against illness, so you will be happy, so you can relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Whole plant foods is documented to be the perfect symphony for the body.

A vegan diet can be overcomplicated, you need to eat whole plants raw or cooked, you have to limit your processed foods, pastas, bread, vegan cheeses, vegan spreads, vegan ready made foods, vegan substitutes of meat, oils, fats.


The same with the way you think, you most likely have a lot of fears or worries, that you are overcomplicating in your mind, and you waste a lot of time and energy doing so. Most of us care a great deal about what others think of us, what your co-workers thinks about you and your work, what your friends and parents think about you, what people in church think about you.

It doesn’t matter! You live your life, you make informed decisions, you follow your heart, you do you your way, be true to yourself, be true to God.

My family are several different kinds of Christians, pray differently, belief differently, read the Bible differently, I am not allowed to judge anyone, only God can judge us. I believe there is NO wrong way to pray to God, my fiancĂ© and I pray differently, that doesn’t mean one of us is wrong, I don’t believe one kind of Christianity is better than another, I KNOW if you belief wholeheartedly your way, if you pray wholeheartedly your way, God will hear you and be with you.


Simplifying your mind, life, home, belief, makes space for you to listen to your heart, to follow your heart no matter what life throughs at you, you will handle it wholeheartedly.

It is too simple to be true right?

NO it is not, we have just learned that the more we complicate things the more clever it is but that is a LIE.

Simple living is calming, it makes your mind clear, it makes you happy, it makes you enjoy everything, it makes you whole.

Keep it simple.