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Getting diagnosed and living my dream life

I have had been having digestive issues since I was born, now at the age of 27, they finally figure out that all my colon is inflamed in the tissues, so I have non visible inflammation in my colon, that is the reason I have been ill all my life.

It is such a relief knowing what is wrong with me, it is such a relief to be able to tell people when they ask why I’m not well.

Now I understand why I have had so much stomach pain, fatique, eating disorders, skin issues, hair loss, joint pain, and so many other symptoms and reactions. 

I have been called lazy, rude, abnormal, and some have been thinking I have been a bit of a hypochondriac.

I was a slow learner, I wasn’t smart, I couldn’t concentrate, I was a slow reader, school was such a struggle. 

Since I gave birth, and my c-saction scar got inflamed badly, so I got a lot of antibiotics, that got my disease back to the beginning. 

In 2013 I went vegan, and my life changed I felt better than I have ever felt, and I started to live my dream life.

So until August 2017 I felt amazing, high on life, feeling alive, and then everything changed due to antibiotics. 

Now I have been trying to come back to my high on life, dream life. 

The last two years I have been fighting to get back, it has been a massive fight, but I have been getting better since Easter Sunday, it is slow going in the right direction.

I have to accept that I at the moment can’t do any ekstra job, I have to accept my diet have to be more limited than before, I have to accept that I am limited in what I do, when I feel bad due to my disease.

I still try my best to live my dream life everyday, because it is what is important to me, my family, my health.

So how do I still live my dream life though living with a disease. 

As I have mentioned before, I simplify my life.

Make my food more simple, minimizing our things so it is easier to clean, making my make-up routine more minimal, simply making everthing much easier, so I can use my energy on what is most important to me.

So when I only do the most important things, life is good, when I do too much I feel it for days, and it is not good.

That is why I work on my blog, my social media, my online job, because that is what I am able to do, and that makes it possible to treat my body the best way possible, so I can enjoy my family to the fullest, and get healthier soon.