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Company name: Glad Mave = Godt Liv

Country: Faroe Islands

E-mail: gladmavegodtliv@gmail.com

Phone: +298 507771

I recommend Juice plus+ If you want to take something extra to supplement your healthy lifestyle.  

Order through me (Only place it isn’t vegan yet is in Denmark, I’ll update as soon as it is vegan in Denmark too):



My name is Kirstin Rasmussen, I live on the Faroe Islands, in Tórshavn together with my fiancé, I am educated vegetarian and vegan nutritionist.

I offer a tailor made meal plan, that fits your life.

I offer 7 different programs, categorized  after what the client wishes to improve, when the wanted program has been chosen, I create a meal plan after the client wishes, every week it gets updated to fit the clients progress.

The programs are 2-3 month, if you don’t feel ready to continue after 2-3 month or you have a set back, you can get individual sessions to get back on track.

My focus is on a sustainable lifestyle change, not a quick fix, I want my costumers to continue to be healthy and happy.


Company name translated: Happy Stomach = Happy life



I want to give you a tailor made meal plan, to optimize your results and you standard of living. I give your support, and guides you through the program by Skype contact, Facebook contact or by e-mail.


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