My name is Kirstin Rasmussen, I live on the Faroe Islands, in Tórshavn together with my fiancé and my daughter, I am certified vegetarian and vegan nutritionist.

I’m taking a masterclass to improve my business and my social media skills(feb. 2019), my Instagram account has been a bit all over the last year, because I have developed a lot like a person since becoming a mother.

To get direction back on my social media I’m clear on how to move my social media forward.

The vision I have for my social media and my life is to inspire people to reach their goals and live their dream life, as I have learned and worked hard to get my dream life!

As of yesterday(28th of feb. 2019) I started a IGTV series on my instagram account all about my best tips to reach your dreams, and how I did it, and what my childhood dreams were.

All I want for my followers and friends is, to be happy, healthy and living life to the fullest, and I know even the saddest person can turn it all around!

Because I was a very sad person only 7 years ago.

Contact Info:

Country: Faroe Islands

E-mail: gladmavegodtliv@gmail.com

Phone: +298 507771

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