Clients who have given me permission, to share their journey to a healthier life.

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    Really sad news

    Unfortunately, I’m forced to close the webshop, as I’ve gotten some unforeseen bills for having my webshop open. As I live in the Faroe Islands, I have no other options, to set up the webshop differently. Therefore, I am also forced to close my company. I hope to still have the website open, but time must show.   *I’m still a direct distributor of Juice Plus +, so it will be the only product I’ll continue to sell. Regards Kirstin Rasmussen Admin

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    Regions fight against brain cancer and video review

    Regino has now finished my 3 month program, he has been so kind to make a video talking about how his experience has been, with his treatment and my meal plans. Please do add subtitles “cc” when you are watching, because his English is with a Mexican/Danish accent.   Reginos pictures of some of the food he has been eating:   This is Regino he is 77 years old and had a brain tumor removed, now he is getting chemo therapy and radiation treatment. He has chosen to eat a 100% plant based diet, to reduce the risk of the cancer progressing. Regino lost a lot of weight, before he got on my program, now…