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    Really sad news

    Unfortunately, I’m forced to close the webshop, as I’ve gotten some unforeseen bills for having my webshop open. As I live in the Faroe Islands, I have no other options, to set up the webshop differently. Therefore, I am also forced to close my company. I hope to still have the website open, but time must show.   *I’m still a direct distributor of Juice Plus +, so it will be the only product I’ll continue to sell. Regards Kirstin Rasmussen Admin

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    New Years Resolutions

    I’m so ready to start the new year, and I’ve a lot I want to get done here is some of my goals for 2018. Get Aria (daughter) in a better daily routine especially bedtime (Sleep training). Work hard to be able to work from home, and have a good income by doing so. Internet detox every Sunday. Yoga every day at least 20 minutes. Get time to read the Bible. Walk Aria in the baby carriage at least 5 days a week. Meal plan and Meal prep every week. Get the daily chores done early. Getting Aria in a better routine will make everything easier and will be good for her…

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    Why have I chosen to join and sell juice plus+?

    Buy Juice Plus+  Because it seems to be one of the best supplements on the vegan market, it is a company that cares about people and our earth. It is a company that has existed in over 20 years and has improved over the years, now it is vegan all over the world (except Denmark, but it will be soon, when the health department has approved it).   As you all know is my mission to get people happy, healthy and full of life, and I really believe these products is a great step in the right direction, because of the documented effects and the purity of the products. It…

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