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Juice Plus+ Testimonials – Children

11 y.o. boy with ASD, ADHD and anxiety now he feels much better and so do mum.

I’m a single Mum to an 11 year old boy who has been diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and anxiety. Mainstream school for him was a complete disaster as frustration and anxiety manifested into aggressive behaviours. Home schooling was our only option so I quit work and sold our house. By age 7 he was on anti-depressants and sleeping medication followed by ADHD medication, all of which have really scary side effects. I also went on anti-depressants for a year as I felt isolated and lonely, turning to food and alcohol to cope.

18 months ago we decided to hit the road full time to travel Australia. My son doesn’t eat many veggies and I was worried about his diet. I ordered some capsules for myself and got the free chewables for my son after meeting a fabulous mum in a caravan park who gave them to her family. I had no expectations other than to get more nutrients into our bodies.

It took 4 or 5 months before I started to really notice big, and unexpected, differences in us both. For me, my mood is more stable, I feel I cope better and my previously, constant back pain is gone. My son’s moods also seemed to be more stable so we made the decision to stop his medication. He often comments now that he no longer gets headaches and can go to the toilet more regularly. Meltdowns are very rare these days and I have my happy, bubbly child back. And I couldn’t be happier!

Juice Plus+ has not cured anything but it sure has made our lives so much more enjoyable. Most importantly, I can relax in the comfort that he is getting the nutrition he needs without the associated risks with medication. I’m not against medication at all but I’m stoked that we’ve found something natural that works for him instead of it. 💚💚💚

Please feel free to share. 😀

13 y.o. boy autism, pica syndrome & sleep disorder, only eats 3-5 different foods.

Feel free to share.
My 13 yr old son has Autism, pica syndrome and a sleep disorder…
He started taking the Berry blend caps about 6 weeks ago and the wholefood shakes 2 weeks. Today we had a massive breakthrough. Due to him having Autism he has a lot of sensory issues surrounding foods, which leads to a very limited diet (3-5 fave foods ).
Well today he ate a FULL punnet of fresh Blueberries 🙌. He had eaten them on rare accasions a few years ago but since then he had refused.
Thank You JP+

Edit: he has now added, Almonds, Cherries, Pepitas, Pavlova, baked potato, calamari rings and onion rings.


Take a look at this, jolene my daughter has severe psoriasis and takes the berry capsules, this is her three weeks in.

Juice Plus+ Testimonials – Men

Vicky Youds man, No tiredness​, no sugar cravings, weight gain.

I feel that it’s my duty to tell the world about something that has changed my life recently.
I have often found it difficult to eat at the best of times and I’ve found it even harder to eat a healthy diet. Having a sweet tooth makes it harder still to give my body all the nutrition it needs, when I do eat something it tends to be something sweet and fatty usually dome kind of convenience food.
My body was being starved of essential nutrients and this was affecting me in many ways like feeling tired all the time, low energy, poor concentration and just generally feeling like crap.
I have occasionally made the effort to eat more healthily but never managed to stick with it for any length of time. The turning point came for me when my partner started using Juice Plus products for weight loss. Of course at first I was really sceptical, I didn’t believe that they would make much difference and thought it was all just a ripoff.
My partner Vicky was starting to get results with the products and convinced me that it was worth trying the shakes to try and put some weight on. I started taking 2 shakes a day on top of my normal diet and I also took the fruit, veg and berry capsules together to further boost my nutrition and hopefully increase my general wellbeing.
One month on and I now have absolutely no doubt that the products work. I’ve put on half a stone so far and I feel like I want to take on the world. I have more energy, confidence and motivation my skin is much clearer and
I’m more aware of my health and what I’m putting into my body #undergroundfitnessproject

Steve Noble, weight loss, normal blood pressure, almost normal liver function.

My update….feel free to share…

Wow I am so extremely happy 🙌🙌
Just over 6 months now I changed…
• My lifestyle
• My eating habits
• My exercise routine
• My way of Bridging the Gap with Wholefood Caps and Plant Based Protein.
I needed to lose weight and have 13kgs plus cms of my body,( cms lost is more important than what the scales say !!!! ), but my goal is another 10kgs,target is to get under 100kgs.
I’m also stoked that I can where these pants again 🙌🙌
I’m now sleeping better, my blood pressure is down, and my liver function test results are almost back to normal.
I have to admit I worked hard the last 6 months and nothing is a miracle but you want change you need to put the time in especially in the kitchen and the magic beans are my bridge to cover what I don’t eat each day.
Pic no.1 Mr unhappy 😔
Pic no.2 Mr I’m on my way to happiness 😃
These have changed my life and health for the better and I will be taking them for the rest of my life.

Henrik Bodilsen, 40, high blood pressure.

[Feel free to share]

My story starts shortly before my 40th birthday when I was diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure), and immediately put on prescription drugs as is standard medical practice. Since my 20s I’d gained considerably in weight, and failed at trying to lose the pounds. In January 2013 my GP expressed concern that the dosage, at the time, wasn’t proving effective and wanted to increase it again, at which point I’d had enough and I set out to combat my condition.

A friend had introduced me to capsules, which made total sense, as I definately wasn’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. Slowly but surely by making simple changes to my diet, introducing the capsules and shakes for breakfast, moderate exercise, drinking more water, generally eating more fruits/vegetables, I’ve dropped 16kgs/35lbs, had my medication reduced twice and aiming to reach a stage where I no longer require medication. I feel great, am happier with the way I look and just love the simplicity and ease of using the products …everyday.

I’m now taking the next step to achieving my goal of reaching the ideal BMI for my height and age by August this year.

Juice Plus+ Testimonials – Women

Alishia Beddoe, I NO longer suffer with my headaches
I NO longer have anxiety attacks
I NO longer take my anti depressants
I NO longer suffer with chronic pain
I NO longer suffer with uncontrollable vaginal bleeding.

Feel free to share.

For the last 5 years this is what I’ve suffered with

health problems
Chronic pelvic pain
Chronic stomach pain
Uncontrollable vaginal bleeding
Gall stones
Hiatus hernia

Oramorph (liquid based morphine)
Anti sickness tablets
laxatives, due to the constipation medication

All of the above is what I’ve had to go through and the amount of medication I’ve had to put into my body over the last 5 years!

I’ve now had 4 operations in the last 3 years
First to remove my appendix
Then to remove my gall bladder
An emergency procedure
And an exploratory operation where still I had no answers from.

I started taking the shakes, premium capsules and boosters and I can now sit here and honestly say to you all

Because of Juice Plus,
I NO longer suffer with my headaches
I NO longer have anxiety attacks
I NO longer take my anti depressants
I NO longer suffer with chronic pain
I NO longer suffer with uncontrollable vaginal bleeding

I feel happier
I feel healthier
I have a lot more energy
I sleep better through the night
I only take 3 types of medication now
my nails have grown and are stronger
my hair is getting longer quicker
my skin is even clearer
I’ve lost weight
I crave healthy foods
My teeth are whiter

In the White underwear that was my first weigh in before I started taking the products

And since I’ve lots 7lbs (black underwear)
It’s only the beginning for me but I’m so so happy

I started on the capsules then 3 weeks later got myself on the shakes and boosters 👌🏼

Tamara Lyn yummymummy grant.


Hey everyone

So I wanted to talk about these two pictures this morning and tell you how much my life has changed in the last year and a bit but even more so in the last 7 months.

The tablets in the top picture were what I was having to take last year because I wasn’t a well person.

I was always tired, feeling light headed. Unable to really concentrate. I was suffering from ongoing and painful pins and needles down my left arm which use to keep me awake at night, I suffered from very bad shoulder/neck and lower back problems that I had to attend weekly physio sessions to try and relieve the symptoms.

I had bleeding gums, brittle nails, I was bloated and had what I thought were bad spot breakouts on my face.
I visited my doctor who said I was low on Iron, with a Vitamin D deficiency and was prescribed Iron tablets that I had to take up to 3 times a day, which made me feel sick and I was given Co-Codamol and Naproxen to take for my bad back, which made no difference.

I was also taking hayfever tablets all year round for my allergies and was always catching colds, stocking up on lempsip etc.

One of the first things my doctor asked me was about my diet and if I was getting enough fruit and veg daily…. and guess what my answer was….. ‘Nooooo’.

Even after saying I would try my best to eat more fruit and veg daily, it just didn’t happen and I continued to feel like shit basically.

So fast forward to March/April this year (2016) and I decided to try something different (see below pic)

After being told about these amazing products which are just fruit and vegetables that was pretty much all I needed to know to give them a try as I was fed up of feeling the way i was for months.

I can say trying them was the BEST DECISION I EVER MADE! I no longer need to take any of the tablets above mentioned except the hayfever tablets in summer when the pollen was really bad.

Other than that I haven’t had any full blown colds where I’ve been sick for 3 days drinking honey and lemon and popping paracetomol down my neck so yes I can say JUICE PLUS has helped me a great deal.

PLUS I love the fact that as the products are real food in a capsule that my daughter can take them too but she has her chewable sweet versions that she loves and she gets them FREE because I pay for the #premiums.

So any skeptics out there like I once was all I can say is if you’re fed up of feeling sick and tired and moaning that you’re always sick and tired….. you can’t knock these products until you try them.

Kate halas, 33 y.o. 3 days a week not leaving the bed.

I totally was a skeptic at first but I was so sickly that I truly had nothing left to loose so I decided to give it a whirl. Best decision I’ve made for myself ever! Not to mention my kids got their mom back. I went from (on a good week) sleeping 18 hours a day and atleast 3 days a week not leaving my bed for much other than peeing. I was too tired and in too much pain. (I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 21 years old along with chronic fatigue, then about 1.5 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease which is autoimmune, where basically my immune system attacks my thyroid to kill it!) I was taking a handful of pills a day and still felt like crap. I was getting sinus infections every other month, and pneumonia twice a year. I’d also catch everything else going around at any given time I thought maybe my immune system went on vacay, and forgot to take me with! NOW, 9 months later, I sleep 6-8 hours a night, and wake up on my own not tired, but REFRESHED, did you hear what I just said? REFRESHED. Which in itself is AMAZING!! I only take 1 pill everyday (thyroid)! I went from taking 4 pain pills with codeine a night EVERY NIGHT, to maybe 2 once a week! I seriously would sell stuff to make sure I could buy my juice plus every month now, I never want to go back to the life I was living and this finally gave me hope that I could be a normal 33 year old again! I’ve only been sick once in 9 months and it wasn’t all that bad. What should have been pneumonia didn’t turn into it, I am thrilled with all its done for me and my family!! My Husband a skeptic for himself on the product (but takes it to stop me from nagging) told my brother that this is THE FIRST TIME in 5 years that he’s had a healthy wife, and that he has NO DOUBT in his mind that this stuff works! (Just not for him he thinks, but give it time lol) it is a complete game changer and I’m finally back in the game! Thank You JP+ ❤️

~feel free to share~

Lorraine Frazer.

Please Share if you wish. No Need to ask for permission.
about 18 years ago I was diagnosed with fybromyalgia, hymocromotosis, ostio arthritis and about 1 1/2 yrs ago nearly died of ulcerated diverticulitis. 6 1/2 yrs ago I had a major high impact car accident in which I had fractures in my sternum and damage from my neck down to my hips and impact to my frontal lobe of my brain. I had to learn everything again in my job as my memory and speech had problems and my fybro went out of control causing me debilitating pain everyday and putting my body into shock. I had trouble walking to the letter box, had to have my husband tie my shoe laces, needed help getting out of bed and some days dressing my self. Depression set in as I was an active person prior to the accident and lost 40 kg prior as well. I am allergic to most medications so I have suffered in silence most the time. The doctors found a medication called lyrica that ballooned my weight 60kg heavier which of course made my life harder. I went off it.
I was introduced to juice plus by a friend and started on the premium blend and shakes Christmas 2016 and been on them 9 weeks now. Three days in I woke up and was able to get out of bed on my own with no extreme pain. I had slept for 7 hours without waking which is unusual as i would get no more than 2 hrs at most. Within 3 weeks I was mowing my lawns again and able to do more housework and walk further without extreme pain.
I went to my chiropractor who I attend weekly sessions. First thing she noticed I was walking in and not crippled. Then she notice the inflammation around my joints and fluid had gone down. Yesterday I took nearly a 2km walk without stopping once. I know this is not a cure for my injuries but it has certainly taken the extreme pain away so I can have a more normal life. My menopause symptoms have gone, my depression has lifted, my diverticulitis has settle with no pain and bloating for the first time in a 1 1/2 yrs and I have no swelling in my liver causing me breathlessness and feeling sick. My blood pressure also has regulated to great blood pressure.
I can’t speak high enough about the products and joined the business to help other like me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask me questions. Biggest thing don’t be a skeptic as you will never know how truly wonderful the products are until you try them. It is worth your health.

My Juice Plus+ Story

My life was painful, my eating disorder started at the age of 9, I had developed Binge eating disorder, it developed to bulimia when I was 15 years old, I started recovery in 2013 when I was 21 years old. I had had enough of all the pain and self hatred, I’ve been overweight and unhealthy, I’ve been normal weight and unhealthy, I’ve been underweight and unhealthy.

I had a great recovery team, I found my rout cause of my disorder, I have had Irritable bowl syndrome since birth, It had made me unable to live a normal life, I have always had stomach pains, I have always had 0 energy, I have never could concentrate, I have been given laxatives from an early age. 

I have also experienced loss in my close family, and I have been neglected mentally from birth, until I was put in fostercare. 

When I was 21 years old I went plant based, with in 2 weeks I felt better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life, I got a good relationship with food and it led to a good relationship with my body, I wish I have known about Juice Plus+ at that time, because it would have given me the boost of vitamins I had been lacking all my life. 

I recovered from my 12 Year old eating disorder, I recovered from my anxiety, my depression, my selfharm, my addiction to laxatives, my suicidal thoughts, all with in 10 months.

I got my IBS under controle, I rearly notice I have IBS anymore. 

This is the power of plants and real nutrition, This is why I love the Juice Plus+ products, this is why I know it will help you improve your life.

Since I recovered I have gotten my dream life, every single thing I dreamt of has come true or will in the near future.

I am a certified nutritionist, I have the man of my dreams, I have a daughter, we have a flat, we are building a house, I’ve gotta believe in God, I have my dream Job, I have amazing co-workers.

Juice Plus+ have given me natural support in my pregnancy and I would never recommend anything els in pregnancy, this is the safest nutritional support for pregnancy, NO thanks to artificial synthetic vitamins.

We are made to eat the food that gives us life not the food that takes our life away. 

Juice Plus+ is to bridge the gab, even for me as a vegan I benefit from these products.